Positive Disruption in South Africa

Disrupting Doesn’t Mean Destroying

Volcano Eruption. A large volcano erupting hot lava and gases into the atmosphere. Illustration.

Disruption can be a force of good that changes lives for the better. To do this it must move beyond shock-value, bypass simply breaking convention, and avoid destruction and vandalism.

There are numerous historical examples of individuals, groups, and even business’s choosing to interrupt the status quo in order to draw attention to rules, laws, and social practices which are discriminatory, damaging, or in need of being reworked.

In general, when any deviation from the accepted norms appears or is voiced, it is viewed by the majority, somewhere on the scale from suspicion to outright hostility. This is demonstrated in the case of past accomplishments such as outlawing child labour, extending the right to vote to women and achieving flight. It is seen in smaller shifts too, such as regulated working hours, use of automobiles, and placing computers in classrooms.

South Africa’s history is full of noteworthy, remarkable, and inspirational individuals whom have dared to disrupt to bring positive change! Extending the concept of positive disrupters out to include companies and social entrepreneurs let us zoom in on three positive disrupters at work in Gauteng currently.

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Large-Scale & Well-Known Disruptions by the Entrepreneur

Good ideas reach around the Globe


When a disruption emerges as a result of an entrepreneur it can create powerful affects on the economy, the way we do business, and even how we interact with each other.

For large scale success, an entrepreneur must uncover and fill a true gap in the market. If they manage to hit upon a product solution or service which effectively addresses an underlying need and market their innovation well it can spread by word-of-mouth, gaining recognition and reaching around the world.

Inspiration starts close to home

Major game changers tend to start looking for ways to resolve problems that they experience in their own lives.

They use their own negative situation or problem as inspiration and direct creative energy at solving it in the future for both themselves and for others who face similar circumstances.

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