Product Focus: PMT3137 7” 3G Tablet

Zooming in one of Prestigio’s MultiPad Tablets


Prestigio South Africa is excited to introduce their seven inch Tablet / MultiPad. The PMT3137 offers all the capability you need at a price you can afford.

This 7″ MultiPad Tablet distinguishes itself by being sturdy and built to withstand the rigours of everyday use and transport. Mobisystems OfficeSuite is pre-installed on every device, it can function as a Reader and Writer for Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint.

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Affordable Personal Entertainment

All work and no play makes for a dull day

Jetpack Businessman

Entertainment is an important part of Life as it can be an healthy escape, stimulate thought, further education and provide a medium over which we can socialise. With our Tablets and Smartphones; Prestigio puts affordable entertainment within reach. Prestigio devices feature all the capabilities that you need to access the entertainment you want.


What is your favourite way to be entertained?

Whether you enjoy full-length movies, music and short videos, sport, educational talks or games there are now ways to access all of these not only through the Internet but also through simple easy to use Apps (there are apps out there that you can use offline without going through your data).

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How Important is Brand to You?

Purchasing Power

young woman standing in front of a black wall looking at a white light bulb, looking for a solution of a problem, black wall at the background with white illustrations, a concept of finding a solution

Customers are given an astounding range of options when it comes to technology and consumer goods, albeit it can feel like a pricy-hurdle is always included in the fine print. How do you spend your purchasing power? How important is brand to you in what you decide to buy?

Do you overlook options and choose purely on brand?

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Prestigio: Access to Information

Unleash your growth potential

Handsome young black man on the stairs

Those in the know get ahead. Information is power and access to that information is critical in building the future you see for yourself. The easiest way to access information is via the Internet. This means costly desktops, expensive laptops or the ever-increasing prices of the smartphone or tablets. Still the most accessible and fastest growing technology sector is the smartphone, you need to have one to have access to the world of tomorrow.

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Official Launch: Prestigio Inspires the Future

To succeed you need tools. Here is the tool

Beautiful mixed race woman with an afro hairstyle holding a digital tablet while standing in the doorway of her coffee shop

Your future is now. It doesn’t start tomorrow and it will not wait until next week, in fact you know you have potential waiting to explode… you have just been lacking the tools to unleash it. No more! Prestigio is here!

We at Prestigio believe access to technology is a driving force to success in a South African economy that would thrive with under the influence of the entrepreneurial, the aspirational & the youth. Trouble is… technology is expensive. The barrier to entry for the bootstrapping entrepreneur is too excessive and despite all the corporate statements to the contrary no single institute is backing the youth to help them reach potential.

Prestigio is different, we are waiting to see your potential unleashed, we believe your future is now… Prestigio supports your ambitions.

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