5 Free App’s to Help you get a Job

Job Search Online Convenience 

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Job searching can be intensive and exhausting if you don’t have the right tools! Job seekers using a Smartphone or a tablet can now let technology help in the hunt.

Specialized Apps have been created to search databases, send specialized notifications, assist in creating a CV, track applications and even provide insider information!

Reconsider pounding the pavement for your next position. Switching tactics can have you scrolling through the opportunities online conveniently from right where you are. Download these 5 Free Apps to turn your time waiting for the train, at the clinic, or during coffee breaks into opportunities to find the job you need.

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Being Work-Ready in Today’s World

The Modern Mobile Job Seeker

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You no longer need to waste time and money, travelling around knocking on each businesses’ door only to be told that there are no job vacancies available or that the manager is not available. Make finding and getting a job easy with your Smartphone or Tablet.

While many use a Smartphone for communication and entertainment increasing numbers of people are utilizing personal tech devices to help them find a job and become “Work Ready”. Prestigio offers technology which features everything you will need to place online employment opportunities within your reach. From your initial search, application preparation and submission, and even finding your way to the interview venue, this can all be achieved with smart technology. You no longer need an expensive laptop for your career to be successful.

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