Large-Scale & Well-Known Disruptions by the Entrepreneur

Good ideas reach around the Globe


When a disruption emerges as a result of an entrepreneur it can create powerful affects on the economy, the way we do business, and even how we interact with each other.

For large scale success, an entrepreneur must uncover and fill a true gap in the market. If they manage to hit upon a product solution or service which effectively addresses an underlying need and market their innovation well it can spread by word-of-mouth, gaining recognition and reaching around the world.

Inspiration starts close to home

Major game changers tend to start looking for ways to resolve problems that they experience in their own lives.

They use their own negative situation or problem as inspiration and direct creative energy at solving it in the future for both themselves and for others who face similar circumstances.

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Empower with Prestigio

Decisions that Unleash Potential


Staying connected has never been more important and is facilitated by the smartphones and tablets we choose. The inflated prices of some tier 1 brands can leave an up-and-comer feeling backed into a corner. Going into debt or trying to make do with nothing while you save is unwise; as both will cost you opportunities!

Don’t let yourself, your business, or your access be limited. Get outside the box and entertain the idea of Prestigio, a tech solution that makes a difference.

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Getting ahead in Life

Tearing down hurdles

Deal has been closed in business by two parties

Everyone speaks Smartphone! Truth is, there are only two real colloquial languages today: IOS & Android, and if you can speak one, you can converse happily in the other. That being said Android is by far the most openly used, and growing smartphone language in the world. And what a world Android opens for you! That is if you own a smartphone…

Getting connected is the key, & Prestigio is the brand making this happen! Your Life, you love life, your business & connectivity all rely, today, on being connected. Join the Prestigio revolution & start writing your own story, creating your own legacy.

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Life with Prestigio

Endless possibilities for Everyone


Driven by the smartphone, our blossoming developing economic culture is supported by latest technology – this is fact. Without access to technology our industries would stagnate, disconnect from the world and suffer. South Africa hosts a plethora of opportunities for all walks of life in business to private capacities, and Prestigio wants to be there; to drive business, for parents giving their children the most comprehensive advantage in this world using smartphone connectivity, to the entrepreneurs and leaders of industry using Prestigio to advance our investment appeal. Prestigio is the brand people are talking about, turning to and here are just three examples of everyday people who could be you.

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More than a Phone

Prestigio brings the safety net

Three dimensional photo on smartphone screen. A 3D phone is a mobile phone that conveys depth perception to the viewer by employing stereoscopy or any other form of 3D depth techniques.

Risk taking is part of life, it is part of business! Those who succeed in life and in business are those that reduce their risk sufficiently by making informed decisions.

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Prestigio: Access to Information

Unleash your growth potential

Handsome young black man on the stairs

Those in the know get ahead. Information is power and access to that information is critical in building the future you see for yourself. The easiest way to access information is via the Internet. This means costly desktops, expensive laptops or the ever-increasing prices of the smartphone or tablets. Still the most accessible and fastest growing technology sector is the smartphone, you need to have one to have access to the world of tomorrow.

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Official Launch: Prestigio Inspires the Future

To succeed you need tools. Here is the tool

Beautiful mixed race woman with an afro hairstyle holding a digital tablet while standing in the doorway of her coffee shop

Your future is now. It doesn’t start tomorrow and it will not wait until next week, in fact you know you have potential waiting to explode… you have just been lacking the tools to unleash it. No more! Prestigio is here!

We at Prestigio believe access to technology is a driving force to success in a South African economy that would thrive with under the influence of the entrepreneurial, the aspirational & the youth. Trouble is… technology is expensive. The barrier to entry for the bootstrapping entrepreneur is too excessive and despite all the corporate statements to the contrary no single institute is backing the youth to help them reach potential.

Prestigio is different, we are waiting to see your potential unleashed, we believe your future is now… Prestigio supports your ambitions.

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