A How-To-Guide for Your 1st Smartphone

What are the possibilities? Smartphones are the Future Now

Three dimensional apps on smartphone. A 3D phone is a mobile phone that conveys depth perception to the viewer by employing stereoscopy or any other form of 3D depth techniques.

If you have just bought a Smartphone, congratulations!

Smartphones are becoming increasingly ubiquitous because of the possibilities they hold. While phone calls and SMS’s can still be made using one, the capability and functions of modern tech goes far beyond the role of traditional phone. In case you did not know, Smartphones are multi-tasking champions! Here are just a few of the things which your new Smartphone can be used for:

  • Looking for Job Opportunities and becoming Work-Ready
  • Entertainment & Accessing the news and information that you want to know
  • Organizing your work/school schedule
  • Further Education
  • Staying current & relevant in Modern Culture
  • Connected to & Competitive within a Global Community

Learning how to get the most from your Smartphone

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Being Work-Ready in Today’s World

The Modern Mobile Job Seeker

Future, technology, man.

You no longer need to waste time and money, travelling around knocking on each businesses’ door only to be told that there are no job vacancies available or that the manager is not available. Make finding and getting a job easy with your Smartphone or Tablet.

While many use a Smartphone for communication and entertainment increasing numbers of people are utilizing personal tech devices to help them find a job and become “Work Ready”. Prestigio offers technology which features everything you will need to place online employment opportunities within your reach. From your initial search, application preparation and submission, and even finding your way to the interview venue, this can all be achieved with smart technology. You no longer need an expensive laptop for your career to be successful.

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Paying for Smartphone Features that You Can’t make full use of

Can you use all the extra features your pricey tech comes with?


The growing use of technology in business and communication means that access is fast becoming (if not already) a necessity. Getting and staying connected is an integral part of finding and capitalizing on opportunities as well as maintaining communication in personal relationships.

Prestigio believes in empowering access for all through affordable Tablets and Smartphones which provide the functionality and tech capabilities that you need.

In the current economic climate consumers are revisiting their tech budgets only to find that they might be spending more than they can afford on overpriced devices boasting features which they can’t make full use of.

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Communication Mediums & Trends

Exciting times in The World of Communication

Close up of generic design smartphone with message sending icons screen holding in female hand. World wide network interface.

As more and more people become connected using smart technology in personal devices the ways in which we communicate with our friends, family, and the world are shifting. Long gone are the days which required long distance calling cards, letters, and landlines to stay in touch. These days, communication is multi-faceted, while traditional phone calls and even text messages are still sometimes used.

Recent communication trends and mediums are allowing us to express ourselves more creatively by incorporating multi-media options into our messages.

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How to Choose a Smartphone

Know Before You Buy a Smartphone

a young girl standing at a wall reading a book, blackboard with science icons at the background, a concept of choice and studying

Making a choice about what capabilities and functions you want or require in your tech can be difficult or overwhelming. Knowing what is important to you is vital to ensuring the device you purchase will suit your needs. This means taking into account ‘what’ you will most commonly be using your device for, as well as your individual preferences and particulars that may affect the ‘how’ you use your device. Considering these factors will help you buy tech that is right for you.

To help identify important things to know before buying tech, try answering the below questions.

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Prestigio Smartphone Critique

Ready, Steady, Compare

Man standing at yellow asphalt pavement with MAke The Right Choice Title

There is a wide range of smartphones designed by Prestigio, this is a critique of the different models available such that you can make an educated decision as to which device would suite you best.

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The Big Five Smartphone Factors



How do people choose what Smartphone to buy on a market flooded with brands they know and brands they may not know? Studies conducted to determine this, have found that consumers decide what to purchase based on Price, Brand, Size, Interface and Technical Features.

Let’s briefly touch on the importance of these big five before taking a closer look on how Prestigio smartphones stack-up in these categories when they are compared to others in their class.
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Are you tired of being told who to be?

You are more than one-dimensional

Four different poses of one woman waiting for interview. Sitting in office on chair.

An image we’ve all seen before: the ‘perfect scene’ shot from above showcasing a laptop, a smartphone parallel to the laptop, a cup of black coffee in an off white mug and a pencil gently resting upon a moleskin notepad. More importantly, what is this image saying? It is saying that to be a member of this club you need to be well organized, something of a hipster (given the coffee shop setting) and somewhat wealthy to afford a trendy-lifestyle. Sure, we could read into this more, like a Rorschach ink blot but…

Are you all of these, any of these or more?

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Getting ahead in Life

Tearing down hurdles

Deal has been closed in business by two parties

Everyone speaks Smartphone! Truth is, there are only two real colloquial languages today: IOS & Android, and if you can speak one, you can converse happily in the other. That being said Android is by far the most openly used, and growing smartphone language in the world. And what a world Android opens for you! That is if you own a smartphone…

Getting connected is the key, & Prestigio is the brand making this happen! Your Life, you love life, your business & connectivity all rely, today, on being connected. Join the Prestigio revolution & start writing your own story, creating your own legacy.

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What does your phone say about your personality?

Trend-Setter? Future Driven? Savvy?
Technological people

Are you a leader or a follower? Interesting question! Truth be told, in different areas of your life you are both. Perhaps you are a leader in your workspace, or among your peers, but in other spaces you are happy to be educated through guidance.

What you should never lose sight of, is that you are, well… you! You are unique, and that’s just the way we like you.

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