5 Free App’s to Help you get a Job

Job Search Online Convenience 

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Job searching can be intensive and exhausting if you don’t have the right tools! Job seekers using a Smartphone or a tablet can now let technology help in the hunt.

Specialized Apps have been created to search databases, send specialized notifications, assist in creating a CV, track applications and even provide insider information!

Reconsider pounding the pavement for your next position. Switching tactics can have you scrolling through the opportunities online conveniently from right where you are. Download these 5 Free Apps to turn your time waiting for the train, at the clinic, or during coffee breaks into opportunities to find the job you need.

LinkedIn the App

LinkedIn provides an online space to create a professional profile to showcase your education, personal information, and professional experience. It is unique from other Social Media Applications (App) as it specifically facilitates communication and networking among professionals. Users can create and maintain a CV to link to their profile and receive references and recommendations from both friends and co-workers. They can also get updates from companies one is interested in, and follow industry leaders.

Recruitment agencies and human resource departments often browse LinkedIn profiles to search for potential employees. If you are looking for a job and you don’t have a LinkedIn profile download the LinkedIn App to create one easily today.

LinkedIn Job Search App

Paired alongside the LinkedIn App is the LinkedIn Job Search App. This useful addition can facilitate searches for jobs within your field, sorting them by various filters such as starting-date and salary. It can also suggest jobs based on your previous searches and notify you when jobs are listed in your area. When you find an opportunity you would like to apply for you can use your LinkedIn profile to apply directly from your device!

Prestigio #PotentialUnleashed Tip: Please note that it takes some time & effort to create a detailed LinkedIn Profile, but it is well worth it! We also suggest reading a few articles online as to what makes a profile successful i.e list projects that you have worked collaboratively on such that people can see examples of your work.

Careers24 App

The Careers24 is a specific search engine app. It will look through thousands of South African job opportunities for you.

It also allows users to create a profile, upload a CV, receive notifications of new vacancies and even offers free career advice. It can keep track of jobs that you have already applied for and maintain a shortlist of the jobs you want most. Download the Careers24 App here.

Indeed App

The Indeed App has been touted as the most comprehensive of job search engines and is used in over 60 countries, including South Africa.

It combines information from company websites and job boards to show you all of what is available. Searches can be filtered by company, city, job title, or type (i.e. full time, part time, freelance). The Indeed App can even search for jobs in your immediate vicinity by using your device’s inbuilt GPS.

When you find a job that is of interest, use the app to research the company, peruse reviews written by employees, and access full descriptions of job posting. When you want to apply, one can do so straight from the app by either creating a new CV or using an existing one that has been uploaded.

Users can track jobs applied for, set reminders to apply for jobs, and follow specific companies to hear about job openings the minute they are announced.

To see what Job Offers are available in your area download the Indeed App here.

Glassdoor App

Another great choice for serious job seekers, this search engine combs through a myriad of sources to compile pertinent job availability information for you. As you search, you can mark, save and share jobs that pique your interest or merit application.

A unique feature of Glassdoor is that one can access information from those already working inside companies. This includes employee reviews of company culture, leaders and the working environment. Take a peek at sensitive information such as stock options, bonuses, and staff salaries.

If you want to be well prepared for a Job Interview that you have achieved through the Glassdoor, the app even offers reviews from previous applicants who have been interviewed as well as tips on commonly asked interview questions!

To search and get the scoop download the Glassdoor App here.

Trovit App

Trovit is a job searching app, equipped to compile a list of potential jobs using numerous criteria filters such as geographic area, experience needed, keywords, and salary.

It is perhaps the simplest job search engine because it does not have extras such as profiles and notifications – which for some Job Seekers, makes Trovit the hassel-free platform of their dreams.

Download the easy to use Trovit App here to simply search.

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