Enable your Children to become World Ready

Technology Everywhere!

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Becoming familiar with technology can help enable your children to avail themselves of educational tools and master the tech skills needed for the World of today and tomorrow.

The use of technology has spread across every aspect of Life and is only growing! It affects the way we work and do business in our professional sphere, how we connect with friends and family, the organizing of our schedules, how we navigate the physical world, how we become more conscious-consumers, how education from preschool to university takes place and beyond.

Equipping Our Children for the Future

Ensuring one’s children are best equipped for the future is the goal of every parent. Old school values of respect, a solid work-ethic, ambition and the relevant skills for a progressive world should be the minimum.

The World-Culture that our children experience in the future will most likely be more tech-centric than we can currently imagine. Did you know that schools in Dubai focus on teaching young learners on how to research via the Internet and to cross-reference their research? Further education and constant learning is the Competitive Edge.


An Opportunity to Explore

The Parenting strategy you have adopted will influence your choices in how to allow and control your child’s access to Smartphone’s and Tablets. While the jury may still be out on the appropriate age for children to begin learning how to use technology, no one is debating that our children must acquire proficiency in using technology to become World Ready.

Smart devices that connect to the Internet can have both pro’s & con’s. However, rest assured that there has been proven positive educational value. Maximize this potential by researching and being picky about the downloadable Apps that you choose.

#PotentialUnleashed Tip: Bed Time Math is highly recommended by researchers and parents alike!


Prestigio: The Perfect Choice for Parents

Prestigio tech offers a wide range of well-priced Smartphones and Tablets, making access to technology affordable.

If you are looking to purchase your son or daughter their own Smartphone or Tablet, or one for the whole family to use, Prestigio tech has the functions and capabilities to allow access to educational, entertainment & entrepreneurial resources required to be relevant in the collaborative global community.

Prestigio is the only tier 2 brand boasting a Google endorsement which means all the Apps from the Google Play Store are guaranteed to work on any of our devices.


The fact is that the youth do not necessarily gain from the purchase of an expensive ‘latest edition’ device. In fact the extra cost may well be in features that won’t be of practical use or even supported in your region.


While our devices are built sturdy, we offer a range of affordable screen protectors and protective cases that keep your investment protected. Accidents happen, especially when little hands are involved, we offer a 2 Year Warranty. Furthermore, our devices are so fairly priced, that replacing one should it go missing, is within reach.


While self-driven learning has wonderful opportunities inherent, be sure to protect your children from the Internet’s dark side by pro-actively installing some safety features. Prestigio works from an Android Operating System which makes it easy for you to take proper safety measures. To learn more about protecting your child online read here.

Choosing Prestigio can equip your Children to be World Ready and tech savvy in the competitive tech driven world of their future.

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