Being Work-Ready in Today’s World

The Modern Mobile Job Seeker

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You no longer need to waste time and money, travelling around knocking on each businesses’ door only to be told that there are no job vacancies available or that the manager is not available. Make finding and getting a job easy with your Smartphone or Tablet.

While many use a Smartphone for communication and entertainment increasing numbers of people are utilizing personal tech devices to help them find a job and become “Work Ready”. Prestigio offers technology which features everything you will need to place online employment opportunities within your reach. From your initial search, application preparation and submission, and even finding your way to the interview venue, this can all be achieved with smart technology. You no longer need an expensive laptop for your career to be successful.

Your Smartphone could increase your chances of securing employment by facilitating access to Job Listings, serving as a tool to create a professional application and helping making sure that you are research-prepared for the important Job Interview!

Uniquely suited for the Job

According to researchers, over 86% of Smartphone Users are pursuing employment using their phones. The reason for this is because Smartphones offer access to the Job Market from anywhere Internet Connectivity exists. No longer do you have to wait your turn to use a library or household computer or pay-as-you-go at an Internet Cafe. Instead use your monthly data package included with your network carrier, or get online using WiFi services offered at coffee shops, public spaces, and community centres.

Your Smartphone enables you to search for a job conveniently, register at Job Sites and with Recruitment Service Companies, and seek internships, scholarships, and even continued education opportunities.

Once you have found the opening you want, your Smartphone makes it easy to research the requirements needed for the position, the company’s culture, and put together your application. Investigating the business beforehand helps you to be prepared and impress interviewers by demonstrating your suitability and seriousness regarding the opportunity.


All the Functions you need to Secure Your Future

Prestigio Smartphones and Tablets offer competent and trustworthy functionality which allow for:

Additional Memory Data Storage

This allows your tech to be able to store all the documents and files that you need on your Smartphone so that you can have easy-access to them.

Dual Sim Capability

This means that you can have both a personal number and a separate work-related number on the same device. This feature can help make sure that you never answer your phone unprofessionally when there is a potential employer on the line! & successfully manage personal-time from professional-time.

Video Recording

This makes it easy to create and record a video should your application require this. It is becoming increasingly popular to submit a short video clip in which you share your motivations and character qualities with a potential employer.


GPS capabilities and online navigation Apps are available in all our Smartphones which can help you pre-plan to avoid the risk of missing that hard won Job Interview. Regardless of what type of transportation that you use, ensure that you arrive on time and in the right place! You can gain an estimated travelling time by using the Google Search Engine, simply by typing distance From ABC To XYZ.

Microphone and Speakers

These allow you to record mock interviews which you can use to practice, review, and improve your personal interviewing performance before the real deal.

Prestigio enables access to a future of success by empowering you to connect with the career you want!

Useful Apps for Mobile Job Seekers

The market is responding to better suit the needs of Smartphone Users. More Apps are being created to make the Online Search for a Job both easier and more thorough. Prestigio devices operate on the Android Operating System and are the only non-Tier 1 brand which has a full Google endorsement. This means that the Apps you want from the Google Play Store are guaranteed to work on Prestigio devices, giving you the confidence that you can get the most out of new Apps as they are released!

Currently free Apps are already available which can do the following tasks

  • Create, edit, and convert all types files on your Smartphone or Tablet
  • Scan documents and files which can then be accessed online
  • Give advice on building your best CV
  • Refine your Job Search so you don’t waste time perusing jobs that you are not interested in.

Keep checking the Prestigio RSA Blog for our up-coming article “Free Apps to Help you get the Job & Build Your Career”

Get the Job that You want

Prestigio understands that the South African Job Market is a challenge and that to make the cut; a person often has to showcase talent and initiative that is above the rest. What is often the most important factor, is how you communicate, don’t be fooled, people make assumptions from this judgement. Use your Smartphone to demonstrate to potential employers that you are capable, resourceful, and adaptable. Obtain your Prestigio Smartphone / Tablet today and become connected & relevant to the Job Market today.

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