A How-To-Guide for Your 1st Smartphone

What are the possibilities? Smartphones are the Future Now

Three dimensional apps on smartphone. A 3D phone is a mobile phone that conveys depth perception to the viewer by employing stereoscopy or any other form of 3D depth techniques.

If you have just bought a Smartphone, congratulations!

Smartphones are becoming increasingly ubiquitous because of the possibilities they hold. While phone calls and SMS’s can still be made using one, the capability and functions of modern tech goes far beyond the role of traditional phone. In case you did not know, Smartphones are multi-tasking champions! Here are just a few of the things which your new Smartphone can be used for:

  • Looking for Job Opportunities and becoming Work-Ready
  • Entertainment & Accessing the news and information that you want to know
  • Organizing your work/school schedule
  • Further Education
  • Staying current & relevant in Modern Culture
  • Connected to & Competitive within a Global Community

Learning how to get the most from your Smartphone

Prestigio Smartphones utilize the Android Operating System. Android is the most popular operating system in the world because it is easy to learn and use. If you are interested in why Android is so popular, click here.

Explore your smart device by discovering what features it has, record a voice message, take a selfie, pick a ringtone, and start to familiarize yourself with settings and menu’s. Remember, if you get lost you can always press the “Home” button on the bottom to bring you back to a recognizable starting place.

How to access the Internet with your Smartphone

If accessing the World Wide Web on a Smartphone sounds complicated to you, rest assured it is not. Smartphones have two ways to access the Internet or receive ‘connectivity’.


One way to get online is by using your mobile carrier’s contract plan. This means you can connect by using the data that you pay a subscription for. Most carriers offer additional data bundles for when you have used all of your monthly contracted data. But do take care, as some carriers charge costly rates for going over your prescribed data usage.


The second way for a Smartphone to access the Internet is by connecting to Wi-Fi. Prestigio Smartphones are equipped to connect to Wi-Fi. This means that anywhere Wi-Fi is offered, you can use your Smartphone to connect for immediate online access. Wi-Fi networks are common at cafes, libraries, community centres and other public spaces and commonly require a password to be entered.

How to Connect to Wi-Fi in 6 steps

  1. Find your Prestigio Smartphone’s menu button located in the middle at the bottom of your screen.
  2. From there go to your device’s “Settings”
  3. Click on “Wireless Controls”
  4. Choose to “Turn On Wi-Fi” and give the Smartphone several moments to activate and scan for nearby networks available
  5. Then press “Wireless Settings” where you will see all the networks that are within range
  6. Choose the network that you wish to connect to, enter the password (if required, simply ask an employee of the venue) and then you are connected!


Browsing the Internet on your Smartphone

Once your Smartphone is connected to the Internet, tap on the pre-loaded Opera Internet Browser icon (a white capital letter O on a red background) to open an Internet browsing window. From there you can navigate as you wish online. If you prefer using Google Chrome, Safari or another browser program, they can be downloaded for free at the Google Play Store and then used instead.

Icons and Apps

The multiple of icons or “pictured buttons” displayed on your Touch Screen represent different Apps. “Apps” are application software programs designed for specific purposes. Simply, touch your finger to the icon and the App will open.

To get you off to a great start, our Smartphones come with a variety of Apps preloaded and ready-to-use including these and more.

  • Information (Wikepedia, Bloomburg)
  • Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Vibe and more)
  • Entertainment (Chess, Solitaire, Shark Dash and more)
  • Organization (Clean Master, ES File Explorer, Battery Doctor)
  • Travel and Navigation (Navitel navigator, bookings.com)

Note: that while some Apps (especially games) can be used without connectivity others do require the Internet to function properly. If you have a limited data package you may want to save exploring Apps until you have access to free WiFi. Also be sure to check each App’s Settings to ensure that you are happy with what data is being exchanged.

There is a host of free downloadable Apps available through the Google Play Store. If you have a specific App that you want which is not already on your Prestigio device it can be searched for and downloaded with an Internet connection.

How to Download an App in 6 steps:

  1. Find & Open the Google Play Store App. It is a white square bock with a tri-colour large triangular “play” symbol
  2. Search for the App that you want by typing a name or description in the Search Bar marked with a “magnifying glass” symbol
  3. Choose the App you want from the Search Results or begin a new search
  4. Press on the Green Download Button and give permission to download the App onto your device
  5. When downloading is complete, exit Google Play to find the App on your screen.
  6. Tap the App’s icon to open your new App and begin to enjoy it!

Remember: Prestigio is the only non-Tier 1 Brand to receive a Google endorsement which guarantees that any and all Apps from the Google Play Store will work on your Prestigio device.

The World Awaits

Prestigio technology puts possibilities within your reach, offering affordable devices to get you connected! As you learn to use your new Smartphone, be patient with yourself. With experimentation and sense of discovery you will soon begin to master the potential of what your technology can do.

The world Awaits when you become Smartphone savvy! Join the conversation & be part of the Global Community.

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