Top 5 Apps for Students

Whether you are still in school or within tertiary education these Free Apps can help you stay organized, manage, and succeed at being a student.

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Being a Student requires a complex juggling and balance act. Achieving the grades you want, keeping up with your friends, and maintaining contact with your family are all important parts of Student Life (add to this taking care of your physical well-being which includes regular exercise).

If only there were smart-devices to help you manage all of your responsibilities and further your goals!

Tablets and Smartphones are often noticed for the role they play in facilitating communication and entertainment.

At Prestigio we want to switch the focus to how tech can help you cope with the demands of being a student and highlight some Apps which can help further your education!

We have done the searching for you and created a shortlist of the Top 5 Apps we think can make a difference for you this semester. They are all easy to use and offer something unique.

Prestigio believes in empowering access for all and that is why we have made sure to only include free Apps that won’t tax your student-budget.


  1. My Study Life

Keeping multi-faceted Student Life organized.

The My Study Life App is the key to time scheduling – making sure you stay on top of where you need to be and timeously so.

It is a virtual diary which will keep track of tasks, class schedules, exam test times, study groups and the like across all of your devices. With this App you won’t have to worry about carrying around a paper planner or worse forgetting one at home. Receive reminders and notifications to make sure you arrive punctually and do not forget essential activities in your busy Student Schedule on your Tablet or smartphone. It features an easy to read colour coded calendar and a simple interface.  The App can be downloaded here or at the Google Play Store.


  1. Dropbox

Enabling access to the files you need.

Dropbox will make sure that your class notes, presentations, and papers are all available for access whenever you need them, across multiple devices!

With the ability to have both private folders and public folders for personal projects & group work. You can ensure that your files are secure via a remote location; so should you lose your device, you will still have all of your work! It is a perfect tool for sharing group study notes as well as compiling and editing group projects. It can be downloaded here .


  1. 22Seven

Money does matter and Student Life is unfortunately synonymous for being plagued by a scarcity of money.

22Seven is the App which will help you manage your budget and let you know if you are straying into the red. It will show you how much money you have and how much money you owe.

It achieves this by tracking your spending and showing all your accounts and money in one place to paint the big picture on your finances.  This includes bank accounts, credit cards, store cards, loans, rewards and investments. 22Seven will also provide you with a personalized budget so you can clearly see personal spending trends and habits. It is both secure and insured so you can use it with peace of mind. Download it here or at the Google Play Store.


  1. WPS Office

For creating, editing, and viewing documents anywhere.

WPS Office App is the most popular free Office Suite in the world.

With an easy to use interface, it does more than let you open and view files, it also allows you to make new files of almost any type and edit them on your Tablet or smartphone. Full compatibility with Microsoft Office and Google Docs means this App really does empower you to work on nearly any type of document. WPS Office is a definite must have for any student! To discover more of its features and download, go here or find it within the Google Play Store.


  1. TED-Ideas Worth Spreading

It is all about Learning and the TED App opens up a world of ideas.

Ted Talks are short video lectures by a fascinating array of people. There are literally thousands of talks on a massive spectrum of subjects in which Presenters share their expert knowledge and professional experience. Studying is all about engaging with new information and the challenge to expand understanding. Ted Talks are a great way to get inspired! Use that extra ten minutes before class begins or your short study break to go beyond the boundaries of what you know. Download at Google Play Store here.


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