Paying for Smartphone Features that You Can’t make full use of

Can you use all the extra features your pricey tech comes with?


The growing use of technology in business and communication means that access is fast becoming (if not already) a necessity. Getting and staying connected is an integral part of finding and capitalizing on opportunities as well as maintaining communication in personal relationships.

Prestigio believes in empowering access for all through affordable Tablets and Smartphones which provide the functionality and tech capabilities that you need.

In the current economic climate consumers are revisiting their tech budgets only to find that they might be spending more than they can afford on overpriced devices boasting features which they can’t make full use of.

When deciding what is worth paying for, be sure to take infrastructure, practicality, and personal use preferences into account. Don’t make the mistake of paying for features that you can’t or won’t use!

Speed of Connectivity

While high speeds of connectivity sound very alluring the truth is that your geographic location is often the limiting factor on what speed is possible. For instance to buy a phone with LTE capabilities may cost you unnecessary extra money.

South Africa does not currently have the infrastructure to support a 4G connection which is why Prestigio devices offer 3G connection speeds.

Massive MegaPixels

Resist the urge to overbuy when tempted by an impressive sounding megapixel figure.

The amount of megapixels does not determine the quality of your photos.

As a 13Mpx camera photo can be blown up to the size of a roadside billboard, ask yourself if that is honestly something you will ever do. If not, then don’t be fleeced by a hype-marketing. Prestigio’s entry level devices feature 3 and 5mpx cameras which are more than adequate. Keep in mind that the best selfies and profile pics will be created in collaboration with booster-Apps. The camera paired with a trustworthy photo App (like the free App snapseed) will provide invaluable assistance in getting the look you want!

Features that are Phone Specific

These days it is nearly impossible to limit personal and business interactions to people who all use the same phone that you do.

Don’t spend extra cash on features that will only work specifically between phones of a certain brand or model. Rather save the money and utilize excellent Apps like Viber and WhatsApp which are guaranteed to work on Google endorsed phones like Prestigio.

Buy tech based on features you do need and will actually use!

To determine this you ought to

  • Know your personal preferences and use habits. You can read more about the questions you should ask yourself before you buy, by clicking here
  • Avoid falling prey to undue hype which inflates tech prices without offering any real value in exchange.
  • Ensure the features your device has can be used where you live and with your service provider.
  • If you would like further assistance as to which features you should consider when buying a new smartphone, click here


At Prestigio South Africa

  • We provide a range of Tablets and Smartphones which feature the functionality you require at prices that won’t prohibit you from getting connected.
  • We offer twice the industry standard warranty length with our unique two year warranty that comes with all Prestigio Tablets & Smartphones.
  • We keep accessories like quality screen protectors reasonably-priced so you can afford to protect your device.
  • We can guarantee that the Apps you use and love will work on a Prestigio device because of our full brand Google endorsement.
  • We put all the cards on the table such that you can make the best choice for you. To see a critique of the differentl models that we host, click here

Don’t blow your budget on costly overpriced tech devices. Forgo frivolous features you don’t need and can’t use.

Choose Prestigio to empower your pocket, keep you within your budget, and help you save without compromising capability!

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