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Exciting times in The World of Communication

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As more and more people become connected using smart technology in personal devices the ways in which we communicate with our friends, family, and the world are shifting. Long gone are the days which required long distance calling cards, letters, and landlines to stay in touch. These days, communication is multi-faceted, while traditional phone calls and even text messages are still sometimes used.

Recent communication trends and mediums are allowing us to express ourselves more creatively by incorporating multi-media options into our messages.

Current and Cool ways to Communicate:

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular Apps available for your Smartphone to keep you corresponding in style! All of these Apps are suitable for an Android operating system, can be downloaded for free, and operate using Internet data or wifi services.



Whatsapp is a messaging service which enables you to send and receive messages without having to pay extra for an SMS. It features the ability to create groups for bilateral communication regarding events or ongoing notifications on topics such as neighbourhood security or afterschool activities as examples. It also allows for audio, image or video files to be exchanged.

One popular way in which it is being used, is that people are sending voice-notes to one another, to avoid calling-costs.

Read more or download at



Snapchat is an image messaging service.

What is unique about Snapchat is that you choose the time for which your message will appear to those who receive it. After a one to ten second time period your message will automatically self-destruct and disappear.

This is a fun feature which allows you to share daily sights, experiences, and Life in the moment knowing that they will exist for only a few moments themselves. However, please be aware that people can use a second device to record your message to a semi-permanent format, so be mindful of what you put out there. Check out more here



Viber is a communication app which allows you to share messages, photos and videos with other users. You can send your location, texts, photographs and calls. For more info visit



WeeChat is a free and open source messaging app.

It was especially created to run on multiple operating systems making it an accessible means to communicate with friends and family that may still only use a computer.

It was been developed to be an especially light and fast program. It is not to be confused with a similarly named app, called WeChat which has global capabilities, allowing you to connect with friends afar. Read more at



Instagram is an App which allows you to communicate not just through photos but through photos which look professional. Instagram lets you choose from a variety of filters to transform even the most mediocre pic into a beautiful image.

It also allows you to share your photo on multiple platforms at once (think Facebook, Flickr, and Twitter simultaneously).

Another neat feature is that it automatically stores your photos in a ‘camera roll” online. This can be synced to your device or computer and then used to print your favourite images from. Read more at


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