Affordable Personal Entertainment

All work and no play makes for a dull day

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Entertainment is an important part of Life as it can be an healthy escape, stimulate thought, further education and provide a medium over which we can socialise. With our Tablets and Smartphones; Prestigio puts affordable entertainment within reach. Prestigio devices feature all the capabilities that you need to access the entertainment you want.


What is your favourite way to be entertained?

Whether you enjoy full-length movies, music and short videos, sport, educational talks or games there are now ways to access all of these not only through the Internet but also through simple easy to use Apps (there are apps out there that you can use offline without going through your data).

Prestigio is the intelligent choice if you want access to all the greatest entertainment Apps. As the only non-Tier 1 brand to receive a full Google endorsement you can download with confident knowing that the Apps you choose from the Play Store are guaranteed to work on our devices.


Entertainment by Subscription

Netflix and Showmax now have monthly subscriptions available in South Africa opening the door to thousands of full length Hollywood movies, foreign films and documentary titles which you can stream. The SuperSport App is a perfect solution for Sports fans who don’t want to miss a game! By using your DSTV subscription details you can access live streaming sporting events on your Tablet or Smartphone.

Entertainment for Free

  • The YouTube App is free and it makes finding the videos you want to watch extra easy.
  • The TED App provides a portal to thousands of educational talks by experts in every field if you are seeking to expand your mind or inspire your creativity.
  • Free game Apps for adults abound if you want to pass the time playing a game.
  • Free educational and play Apps for children are also available if you want to stimulate learning for your youngster.


Where do you like to be entertained?

With a Prestigio Tablet or Smartphone you don’t have to wait until the end of the day or until you are in front of the TV to access entertainment, instead you can access entertainment on the go!

This could be from the armchair at your favourite coffee shop, the bus stop, or waiting for your doctor’s appointment. It also includes providing entertainment for yourself as a passenger or as a way to entertain your children while they are in the car. Using either a free WIFI service, data provided through your service provider, or by simply accessing stored files on your device.


How do you choose to view, your own personal screen or a screen to share?

Prestigio devices come in an array of sizes to suit your preferences. If your device will be your main personal entertainment viewing-screen, consider investing in a Tablet with a larger screen-size. Prestigio also offers affordable accessories, which includes a range of quality headphones to use for viewing discretion.

Prestigio devices can be used to stream video to a television-screen so that entertainment can be enjoyed by more than just you.

We also offer reasonably priced external speakers to make sure that everyone can hear what is happening onscreen.


Why choose Prestigio as an affordable personal entertainment device?

Prestigio devices offer the functions and features necessary to access entertainment as standard features.

  • To ensure all important connectivity, all our devices come with WIFI capability as well as the ability to connect to other Smart Devices via the use of Bluetooth..
  • Our devices have the ability to hold an extra SDcard to make sure that you have the vital storage you need to store large movie files or downloads.
  • Our tech features the audio capabilities you require to hear your entertainment clearly.
  • Our devices come with sturdy screens and the option of affordable screen-protectors to ensure your screen stays safe!
  • We offer a two year warranty on all our devices which is twice the industry standard.

For an array of options that will put the entertainment you seek within your grasp check out our range which are available via Takealot.

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