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Driven by the smartphone, our blossoming developing economic culture is supported by latest technology – this is fact. Without access to technology our industries would stagnate, disconnect from the world and suffer. South Africa hosts a plethora of opportunities for all walks of life in business to private capacities, and Prestigio wants to be there; to drive business, for parents giving their children the most comprehensive advantage in this world using smartphone connectivity, to the entrepreneurs and leaders of industry using Prestigio to advance our investment appeal. Prestigio is the brand people are talking about, turning to and here are just three examples of everyday people who could be you.

The Entrepreneur

You’ve spotted an opportunity within the market, a gap that only you can take advantage of. The South African economy offers opportunity to support thousands of businesses just like yours: for anyone with a do-it-yourself mentality will find a niche and thrive. The first few years of any start-up are, however, fraught with danger.

Many businesses fail simply due to:

  • Lack of funds,
  • Poor management or
  • Insufficient marketing activities

Most, however, fail due to overspend on start-up, capital equipment and business critical systems. But what else can you do? You need access, you need to be connected, and you need the ability to do business from anywhere. In essence the world of the entrepreneur is supported by the smartphone & tablet.

Connectivity, access & mobility! Yes! But you still have not sidestepped the high cost from tier 1 smartphone & tablet brands. Prestigio is your partner. We want to see you succeed & we want you to make the decisions that will enable growth within your flourishing business. We inspire the up and coming & understand what access to information can do for your business. That is why we offer unbeatable quality, pricing & warranty combinations.

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Imagine what you could do with an extra R10 000? Ultimately this could be the difference between a top brand and Prestigio. No limitation on technology, a 2-year unbeatable warranty and with incredible cost effectiveness ultimately means more chance of success. Take your office connectivity with you. With Prestigio, your future is now!


The successful CEO

Strong women are leading industry in South Africa more than ever before. Women bring poise and sophistication to the knife & dagger world of business. Strong leaders, women or men are not afraid to make decisions… they live or die by them but some decisions are easier to make than others.

Place yourself in the shoes of a top executive & help her make the correct decision. She is faced with supplying the sales team of 30 with smartphones & tablets; the devices will not only keep the team connected but also function as detailed sales aids for face-to-face customer interaction. She needs to ensure her team can access the latest information from the R&D department but also connect seamlessly to the company servers. She needs to take her team to the smartphone zone!

Smartphone & tablet technology is the next evolution in remote offices and a key gauge for success in 2016.

Her choice is this:

  • Work with a tier 1 brand and spend her entire sales budget on this business critical solution
    • The pros include a brand name everyone knows
    • The cons are often poor warranty or service, plus the expense of the device and repairs.
  • Work with Prestigio to meet all the goals above at a price point that allows further expansion of the sales team
    • Pros include:
      • Unbeatable 2-year warranty & local service center
      • Dual SIM for sales reps to swop between personal & company calls
      • Full Google accreditation from the Google Play store
      • All the connectively & technology of tier 1 brands without paying for the brand name

The best decision she can make? Well, that’s up to you! But in this economic climate… we know where our loyalties lie. Unleash the full potential of your team and then have budget to expand your business operation in 2016. Prestigio supports growth, we support business!

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The Established Businessman

How things have changed in recent years! From the fax to smartphones within a decade but many are letting the world of technology pass them by. Many individuals have joined the revolution to smartphone technology and being connected but do so without fully understanding the potential power they have in their smartphones, while others simply refuse based on belief that old methods will still work in the new technological world. Perhaps you are thinking about taking your first steps into the space.

It is always wise to take baby steps… although the level of technology in Prestigio smartphones & tablets turns that scenario on its head. So in this case, we can talk affordability. If you want functionality? Prestigio has it. If you need, high-speed connectivity, Prestigio has it. If you don’t want to pay exorbitant pricing for technology that is available; then Prestigio is your answer. We know, once you discover the world of Prestigio you will never want to leave. The support, the warranty and design combined with our feature rich list of advantages puts the power of decision in your hands. Make the switch to Prestigio today, it’ll be the best decision you make for the next 10 years.

Find out why Prestigio is the most talked about brand in South Africa today, discover why we are the number 1 choice for entrepreneurs today & what functionally access you gain from being on the Prestigio team. You can start working on your dreams, with Prestigio, today.

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