Getting ahead in Life

Tearing down hurdles

Deal has been closed in business by two parties

Everyone speaks Smartphone! Truth is, there are only two real colloquial languages today: IOS & Android, and if you can speak one, you can converse happily in the other. That being said Android is by far the most openly used, and growing smartphone language in the world. And what a world Android opens for you! That is if you own a smartphone…

Getting connected is the key, & Prestigio is the brand making this happen! Your Life, you love life, your business & connectivity all rely, today, on being connected. Join the Prestigio revolution & start writing your own story, creating your own legacy.

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What does your phone say about your personality?

Trend-Setter? Future Driven? Savvy?
Technological people

Are you a leader or a follower? Interesting question! Truth be told, in different areas of your life you are both. Perhaps you are a leader in your workspace, or among your peers, but in other spaces you are happy to be educated through guidance.

What you should never lose sight of, is that you are, well… you! You are unique, and that’s just the way we like you.

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Life with Prestigio

Endless possibilities for Everyone


Driven by the smartphone, our blossoming developing economic culture is supported by latest technology – this is fact. Without access to technology our industries would stagnate, disconnect from the world and suffer. South Africa hosts a plethora of opportunities for all walks of life in business to private capacities, and Prestigio wants to be there; to drive business, for parents giving their children the most comprehensive advantage in this world using smartphone connectivity, to the entrepreneurs and leaders of industry using Prestigio to advance our investment appeal. Prestigio is the brand people are talking about, turning to and here are just three examples of everyday people who could be you.

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More than a Phone

Prestigio brings the safety net

Three dimensional photo on smartphone screen. A 3D phone is a mobile phone that conveys depth perception to the viewer by employing stereoscopy or any other form of 3D depth techniques.

Risk taking is part of life, it is part of business! Those who succeed in life and in business are those that reduce their risk sufficiently by making informed decisions.

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