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Those in the know get ahead. Information is power and access to that information is critical in building the future you see for yourself. The easiest way to access information is via the Internet. This means costly desktops, expensive laptops or the ever-increasing prices of the smartphone or tablets. Still the most accessible and fastest growing technology sector is the smartphone, you need to have one to have access to the world of tomorrow.

Did you know there is no industry standard for the smartphone?

Here is the Prestigio definition:

A Smartphone is a device that allows you to connect to others, it provides access to data and allows you to upload content onto networks such as the internet.

This means voice data, Internet data, video data, email data, you name it – the smartphone or tablet is the shortcut that eliminates the need for desktops or laptops. A smartphone or tablet is your pocket computer with a built in operating system that allows all the functionality you need to run your startup or take your business to the next level. These include:

  • Internet access
  • Downloading & viewing attachments
  • Viewing specific software formats (Word, PowerPoint)
  • Watching video
  • Downloading & sending email
  • Synching with office or home servers
  • A full keyboard for control
  • Streaming data to & from

To compete in the world you need access. For too long, expensive smartphone & tablet access to information has limited the growth of the aspiring entrepreneur of South Africa, but no more!

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Level the playing field

Prestigio is leveling the playing field. There are no excuses: take on the world because now you have all the access at your fingertips. Our Prestigio smartphones & tablets are your office, your creative pad, your business hub and email all rolled into one… and what’s better, Prestigio offers global advantages that include:

Pricing – our pricing offers all the functionality of high-end tier 1 brands at a fraction of the cost. You can explore the entire range at You will not find a better price/technology/support offer in South Africa. We have lowered the barrier to entry to include every aspiring and ambitious South African.

Support – Our support department is fully catered to handle any accidental damage at cost effective prices. Our goal is to offer the lowest pricing on spares in the market. What better way to encourage you to get on your smartphone or tablet and start making a future for yourself, the future you deserve.

Warranty – We offer a two-year international warranty on all devices. We want to support growth in South Africa. Our warranty will add peace of mind to the decision you make today. Should there be any factory fault, we swop out for a brand new device. Brand new!

Technology – Prestigio offers latest Android 5.0 standard on all devices, at 1,3GHz & 1 GB of RAM. Our technology also offers dual SIM, high speed 3G and an 8MPx camera as standard. Not bad, even more so when you consider how much you save by joining our team.

Google Certification – Certified by both Google and Google Play Store, Prestigio is the only brand in this price space that offers such service. This certification essentially means that all apps, books or game downloads from the Google Play store will function 100% as expected.

Free Firmware Upgrades – many competitors require payment for firmware upgrades that are designed to improve the life & usability of your smartphone or tablet. Not Prestigio: we guarantee you can upgrade to the latest versions and not lose data and you can do it for free. Prestigio supports you improving your future, we do not handcuff you to our future. We will grow together.

Prestigio is your partner

Tomorrow is today! Your future starts now. Stop saving for what you think will get you where you need to be, opt for Prestigio and invest in your future right now. Prestigio offers you your potential unleashed.

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