Official Launch: Prestigio Inspires the Future

To succeed you need tools. Here is the tool

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Your future is now. It doesn’t start tomorrow and it will not wait until next week, in fact you know you have potential waiting to explode… you have just been lacking the tools to unleash it. No more! Prestigio is here!

We at Prestigio believe access to technology is a driving force to success in a South African economy that would thrive with under the influence of the entrepreneurial, the aspirational & the youth. Trouble is… technology is expensive. The barrier to entry for the bootstrapping entrepreneur is too excessive and despite all the corporate statements to the contrary no single institute is backing the youth to help them reach potential.

Prestigio is different, we are waiting to see your potential unleashed, we believe your future is now… Prestigio supports your ambitions.

Welcome to your Office

Being connected is everything and every entrepreneur knows that to keep overheads low will improve your chances of survival.

“63% of small businesses fail within 2-years!

Capital expenditure is listed as the number one reason for start-up failure.  Hardware technology digs chunks away from start-up capital, similarly office space reduces new business’s budget to invest in marketing, employing or hiring sales staff; effectively handicapping growth potential. The South Africa of today supports the mobile office ideology, only if you have the smartphone or tablet to support this new way of business … your office is anywhere, all you need to be is connected. Prestigio smartphones & tablets make this a reality.

  • The best decision you will make – Prestigio offers unparalleled warranties on cost-effective, high quality & powerful smartphone & tablet platforms.
  • You deserve your future now – if you decide to wait for premium brands to support you, you will allow others to take the lead in the meantime. Don’t lose out on your potential.
  • Dreams become Realities – with your ambition & work ethic, combined with supported high quality & powerful Prestigio technology you can change your future & live your dreams, starting today!

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Tomorrow is Today & Your Future is Now

Make the smart choice… make the move to Prestigio.

The next decision you make will change the next 10-years of your life.

Who do you want fighting in your corner? Prestigio!

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